INHEAVEN played in front of a packed Middlesbrough empire (7th December); the crowd received them pretty well. The 4 piece band played a 30 minute set as part of Blossoms UK tour, which is seeing both bands travel around the UK this winter. The snarling, gritty riffs of ‘Treats’ and atmospheric track ‘Baby’s Alright’ caught the eyes (and ears) of those waiting to see Blossoms. Their performance was definitely deserving of a headline slot and judging by the reaction from the crowd, that eventuality wont be too far away.

I was lucky enough to bag an interview with grunge rockers.

You’re currently on tour with Blossoms at the moment, how are you finding the experience?

“Loving every minute of it! It’s been great to finally get to play a lot of places we’ve never been to.”

What’s been the highlight of the tour so far?

“Middlesbrough for us was a real highlight. Beautiful venue with an amazing crowd.”

You guys head back on tour in February, how are you feeling about that?

“We can’t wait! Everything we do is so we can go out and play live. It’s the best part of the job.”

What can fans expect from the shows? Will new material be played at these gigs?

Yes we will be playing new songs. We’ll have new vinyl and t-shirts as well!

What are your fondest memories playing in the North? Is their any stand out memories for you guys?

inheaven_bitter_town_bandWe love playing in the north. The crowds are more up for it than down south! One of our favourite ever gigs was actually at the Cluny, the atmosphere was electric!

Julian Casablancas is a notable fan of yours? How does it feel having someone like him take an interest in your music?

We grew up idolising him, so to here that he digs our music was probably one of the best moments of our lives. It’s not very often you get an email from your idol.

He loved ‘Regeneration’ that much he apparently released it on his record label. Is that true?

Yes that is! Our first ever single was released on Cult records in America….

Your latest single ‘Treat’ sounds like a mixture of Nirvana & The Smashing Pumpkins, were those bands big influences growing up?

Yeah ‘Nevermind’ and ‘Siamese Dream’ are my idea of perfect records.

Theres a very powerful feeling about your live performances. Almost as if you guys are destined for big capacity venues? Do you guys feel the same or is it just step by step process?

We love big sounding bands. So I guess that bleeds into everything we do!

What does 2017 hold for INHEAVEN?

Lots of touring. And an album.


Matthew Thomas