Twitter Spotlight: Bucky

Q: Tell us about yourself, who is Bucky?

A:Bucky is a new artist fresh out of Sheffield, bringing a different sound and energy to the scene. I’ve only been making music for 6 months but I feel as if I have a lot to offer.

Q:Who are GMF?

A:GMF are a collective from Sheffield comprised of family and close friends formed in memory of the late Gman.

Q: What influences your musical style?

A:Growing up I was surrounded by R&B, Reggae and Soul music which has played a huge part in how I create my music now. You will hear elements of many genres in my music as I try to be as creative as possible.

The Caribbean influences primarily stem from my background coming from an afro-Caribbean family. Mixed with the reggae music I grew up listening to its made me into the artist I am today. As for the Northern English influences this is due to me being born and raised in Sheffield and the accent probably gives that away.

Q:How hard is it to break into the UK grime scene?

A:We all know it’s harder for artists outside of the U.K to be heard or get noticed. But I don’t mind.. I like a challenge, I’ve got so much music to bring to the scene.. sooner or later I will be heard.

Q: What does 2017 hold for the GMF boys?

A:The plan for 2017 is Push! Push! Push! Me and everyone in GMF has so much material ready to release.. We’re just going to hit hard next year and show the UK what GMF is capable of.

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Johnathan Ramsay, Ride Music

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