This week we spoke to upcoming indie rockers Beach Baby to find out more about the band, their melodic rock sounds and their debut album.


RM: How did Beach Baby come about?

Beach Baby properly formed over 3 years ago but prior to that Ol & Lawrence had been knocking about for 3 years before that.

RM: Has music always been at the forefront of your life or has it been something that’s developed over the years?

Yeh, very much so. Its something we’ve all wanted to do since a young age, is the thing that we all connect with  most (obviously). That hasn’t gone away & with our debut out, we’re now focused on the next steps.

RM: Who were you influences growing up?

Ollie loves the Beatles; Lawrence into Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen; Josh used to play to The Roots a lot and Kit loves Korn.

RM: You recently released your first album in the summer, how was that experience?

Putting the album out was a pleasure. Lots of touring ensued & we got to build more of an awareness with our 11 tracks out there in one body of work. Has only been the one album, Prince has 25 – we’re getting our heads down.

RM: You guys have just finished a rather large tour, how did you all find that?

Some people find touring hard for various reasons but generally we all enjoy it. I mean you sit in a van most the day, load out for 30 mins (decent cardio) then eat, then socialize with friends then get to play a gig – It aint that bad or maybe we haven’t done enough…? Either way, it’s a great experience (mostly) & a very fortunate thing to be able to do. Been to Norwich 4 times, its a great place!


RM: Was there any particular highlights of the tour that spring to mind?

The last gig in Sheffield was mega!

RM: I’m rather jealous you guys toured in America, that must have been a dream come true?

We got drinking with some cowboys in Montana. It was a seriously great experience, got paid $160 for playing HANDS down the shittest show of our lives. We we’re so wank, playing Sweet Home Alabama in a dive bar with Kyle & Lane (cowboys)! Shows were decent too, yeh a great experience.

RM: Is there any place you guys haven’t visited that you’d love to go and play?

Japan! Wanna get on one of those bullet trains & we all love Miso soup

RM: What does 2017 hold for Beach Baby?



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Matthew Thomas.