Twitter Spotlight: Chronic Change

This week spoke to psychedelic rockers Chronic Change about latest release ‘The EP’ and what 2017 has in store for them.

What was the inspiration behind Chronic Change?

A shared passion for creating original music and the Hippy Culture of the 60s & 70s.

What is the band about?

A lot of modern artists have a generic sound, but we really enjoy having the freedom to create any style we like and to collaborate with each other to create unique sounding music.


Tell us more about the about the frog?

The frog is the face of Chronic Change. Get on board and follow the frog!

Who are your influences?

We take influences from many styles all being from different backgrounds. We take a particular influence from 60s & 70s Psychedelic Rock, such as bands like The Doors, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and of course Jimi Hendrix.

‘Animal’ from your EP sound a lot like The Doors, is there a track from the EP that you’re particularly fond of?

We enjoy the song ‘Filthy Girl’ which combines the sounds of Rock, Gypsy Jazz and Funk. The song contains multiple solos and jam sections where we can show our passion and ability for improvising.


Do you guys have any other passions other than music?

Throughout the band we have a mixture of hobbies which range from Skiing, Downhill Biking and Cooking. We all enjoy being a part of nature and being artistic and creative in any way.

Who did you guys listen to growing up?

All being born in the 90s, we were exposed to mostly music from the 2000s. We’ve all been through different phases and have listened to many different artists and styles ranging from Metallica to The Beatles to Bob Marley. As we grew up, we watched music become more and more synthetic, which is one of the reasons we got into Vintage Rock and feel passionate about incorporating this into our sound.


What’s your ambitions for 2017?

Our ambitions are to release multiple singles throughout the year and counter to write new material. We are also aiming to get as much exposure as possible though playing live gigs around the UK and promoting the band online.

When can we expect to see Chronic Change at gigs?

We play as much as possible in the North East of England. We have our first trip to London at the end of March where we will be playing 93 Feet East on the Friday 31st March. We are supporting ShoutEMPIRE at Jumpin’ Jacks on the 18th March. We have other gigs and festivals booked in over summer at events like Oxjam and more to be announced. Check our Facebook page to find out more on what were up to and contact for any bookings.

Check out Chronic Change here:

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Words by Matthew Thomas