Tynemouth Food Fest Preview: Aaron Wiggett

Another newcomer to the North East music scene, Aaron Wiggett certainly is an individual. The 17 year old from Middlesbrough likes to push the limits of what can be achieved solely with an acoustic guitar; with modifications and a fast hand, Aaron creates a sound that could almost be mistaken for a full band with only his guitar.

Q: Who would you say are you biggest influences musically?

A: I grew up listening to bands like Periphery and Dance Gavin Dance, they really had an influence on the way I play. They’re very experimental with their chords and timings, I always loved that but I tend listen to a lot of indie and ambient music now. Daughter is a big favourite of mine, also finger-style guitarists such as Tobias Rauscher, Jon Gomm and Grayson Erharda, these artists inspired me massively when I started playing acoustic.

Q: You have a really unique way of using your guitar, how did that come about?

A: The style was something I’d only seen in a few videos that had gone viral and for years I only ever played electric guitar. Then about eighteen months ago I got myself an acoustic and it just snowballed from there. I started trying percussion and the shoe fit, I love the dynamics of performing with the sound of a full band. It makes playing just a very fun experience.

Q: Does it take a lot of modification of your guitar to achieve your sound?

A: None of the modifications are essential, you can still play the same without them, they just either help my sound through a p.a or expand the potential of using the guitar to produce percussive rhythms. For example, the electrics in my guitar go through two systems; a pickup for my strings and an internal microphone for percussion. It’s not essential to have them but in live performance they sound great and you can hear every sound being produced. Another example would be a scratchpad, mines made out a thin piece of spruce wood and that lets me create vinyl scratch and rattle sounds.


Q: Do you ever include vocals in your performances or do you prefer an entirely instrumental set?

A: I prefer playing instrumental sets and I love performing in this style. However, when it comes to getting songs together for recording I will definitely have vocals but right now I’m in no particular hurry.

Q: What does the rest of 2017 hold for Aaron Wiggett?

A: 2017 has a lot coming, a good few shows that I’m very excited to be playing. I’ll be releasing my debut single around summertime, so until then it’s a case of grafting and gigging so hopefully you’ll see my name around town!

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