Event Review: Obscene-Obsequel, Open Mic @ Arch Sixteen Café (22/04/17)

When you think of famous hubs of hip-hop around the world right now, places like Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York or London come to mind… but the North East of England? Surely not?

The North East certainly isn’t famed for it’s hip-hop scene, many may not even know it exists, but after experiencing ‘Obscene’ you’ll fast find out that the it does, it’s big and it’s only going to get bigger.

Located just over The High-Level Bridge, Arch Sixteen Café in Gateshead played host to the second ‘Obscene’ open mic event. The free event invites hip-hop fans from across the North East to come down and test their skills on mic. From legends of the scene to budding amateurs, simply write your name on the wall when you get there and you’re on!

Reali-T & 90Bro

For those not picking up a mic, the night is a chance to take in all the scene has to offer, enjoy a few drinks and meet some of the North East’s biggest upcoming rappers.

Special guest host Reali-T, of the hip-hop collective ‘New North East’, set the tone perfectly for what was an amazingly welcoming and laid back vibe. Everyone that had the balls to pick up the mic was greeted with applause and cheers from all in attendance at the packed-out café.


There was a real buzz from start to finish in Arch Sixteen, with everyone on their feet all night, the atmosphere was electric. The night was topped off in style with an amazing cypher bringing the buzz to fever pitch, with freestyling from Dubs (This Be the Click) making the entire venue bounce.


The night felt like something special, more than just another event. An incredible atmosphere that welcomed everyone like they were family, ‘Obscene’ feels like the beating heart of a scene that is surely destined to gain more acclaim.

Keep your eyes peeled for the third instalment of Obscene, ObSc3NE June 3rd, hosted by Rex Regis @ Arch Sixteen Café Gateshead.

Words by Johnathan Ramsay

Photos by Green Ranger Visuals

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