Event Review: From The Hip @ Arch Sixteen Café, Gateshead (05/05/2017)

The best way to describe From The Hip would be to compare it to a 3 hour jam session with artists coming together from each and every genre to create something amazing. No set lists or rehearsals, it’s all about freewheeling creativity!

This edition of From The Hip saw the focus turn to hip-hop, ahead of The Bridge event at The Sage. Putting a twist on the standard open mic format, live musicians created the beats from start to finish, from chilled reggae style numbers to gritty grime beats.

Live instrumentation brings with it a whole new energy and those brave enough to pick up the mic carried on that energy, creating somewhat of a marathon cypher with little to no breaks between performers.

The event saw some of the North East’s finest upcoming rappers bring themselves down to Arch Sixteen to test their skills. Everyone that picked up the mic deserves recognition for making the night extremely entertaining and for holding their own in front of the many in attendance.


Budding MC Emilio Parker stood out on the night, new on the hip-hop scene, Emilio came armed with bars, aggression and unbelievable amounts of energy. With a bit of time the Sunderland native may be one to look out for.


Kay Greyson was another to light up the mic, a class act as always, Kay’s signature style and flow was complimented perfectly by the live instrumentation. At only 19, Greyson has cemented her name in the North East hip-hop scene and seems destined for more. (If you fancy finding out more about Kay check out our interview with her here!)

A unique and innovative event, From The Hip is a night of live music with an intimate and high energy atmosphere that you’d struggle to find anywhere else in the North East.

Words by Johnathan Ramsay