Twitter Spotlight: Friends That Rap

Name: Friends That Rap (@friendsthatrap)
From: Memphis, TN, USA.
Genre: Hip-Hop

This week our Twitter Spotlight takes us across the pond to Memphis, TN. Rap trio Friends That Rap have massive ambitions, if the Migos can do it, why can’t they?

Ride Music: For those that don’t know, who are Friends That Rap?
Friends That Rap: We’re a dope punk rap trio from Memphis,TN. We consist of Fresh Cobain, B-Tree Rogers , & Kash Giovanni

RM: How and when did FTR form?
FTR: FTR formed about 3 years ago. We each had to perform at the same venue in Memphis,TN and by the end of that night we realised it’s best we achieve this dream together.

RM: Who influences each of you musically?
FTR: Prince, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Drake, Blink 182, Green Day, Gun & Roses,Queen, Travis Scott & many more.

RM: How would you describe your sound?
FTR: We’d describe our sound as punk rap. We use a lot of rock like undertones to really give us a different sound.

RM: The Migos are the most successful 3 piece rap group in the world right now, do you aspire to be as big as them?
FTR: We love the Migos but we’re striving to be bigger and better than the Migos. We’re using their success as a rap trio to motivate us and keep us grinding.

RM: Who are your favourite rappers right now?
FTR: Drake, Lil Wayne and Logic.

RM: Have you heard of any British rappers?
FTR: Yeah Skepta & Giggs. They’re dope British rappers.

RM: What does the rest of 2017 hold for FTR?
FTR: You’re going to see a lot more of Friends That Rap. We got a new single “Rich” which is currently on Spotify,Pandora,Tidal,Apple Music and all other outlets. We’re also currently working on more music videos and planning to drop a new mixtape. We’re doing a lot of travelling as well so catch us in your city!

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