Playlist: 10 Great Positive Hip-Hop Songs

Everybody needs a bit of positivity injected into their day now and again. Whether you need some motivation to get through work or a pick me up after a miserable day, these 10 hip-hop tracks new and old are sure to help you out. PEACE.

*Disclaimer: This isn’t a top ten nor a ‘best of all time’ list, just a compilation of some of our favourite hip-hop songs that preach positivity. Feel free to let us know some of your favourite positive songs in the comments or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Straight Outta Compton
Express Yourself

N.W.A’s Express Yourself stands out from the rest of tracks on the infamous ‘Straight Outta Compton’ album with its distinctly positive message and funky beat. Lacking any profanity and pushing an anti drug stance, Express Yourself proves that ‘the worlds most dangerous group’ had a soft side.

Ice Cube
The Predator
It Was A Good Day

Rather than making another track about the brutal realities of living in the poorest parts of LA, Ice Cube walks you through a strangely perfect day in the ghetto. Perhaps all a dream, regardless, this one transports you into a world of chill effortlessly.

Strictly for My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
Keep Ya Head Up

On this classic track Tupac leaves the gangster vibes behind and addresses the troubles that women face at the hands of men. You can sense the emotion in the lyricism, this is arguably one of Tupac’s best tracks.

The Notorious B.I.G
Ready to Die

Arguably one of the best rappers of all time, Biggie takes you through his rags to riches story with this legendary song. The track inspires you to mould your own success story, if you don’t know, now you know…

Kanye West
Good Life

There’s nothing like some classic Kanye to put a smile on your face. Yeezy and T-Pain come together on this one to make you feel on top of the world for 3 glorious nostalgic minutes.Throw on some shutter shades and strut like it’s 2007.

Lupe Fiasco
The Show Goes On

Some more noughties nostalgia in coming. Lupe preaches the need to keep fighting towards your dreams despite who try’s to hold you back.

Catch Me If You Can
Black Boys

The only entry from the UK on this list (I’m sorry),this incredibly positive urban anthem from Bashy is a rallying cry to black men across the U.K. to strive for success and not to give up in the face of adversity. A message I’m sure we can all get behind regardless of race.

Denzel Curry
Good Night

The first of three more contemporary entries on this list, Denzel Curry delivers his signature fast paced flow on this summer party anthem.


Written in partnership with the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, with their phone number being the title. Logic is spreading a massively important message with this one, the message that there’s always a reason to live.

Joey Bada$$
For My People

Joey Bada$$ could well be one of the best ‘new school’ rappers on the scene right now. With a beautiful hook, this track is a straight up motivator, masterfully delivered. Bada$$ proves ‘real rap’ is still well and truly alive with this one.

Words by J.Ramsay

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