Hip-Hop NE-ws #1


By Johnathan Ramsay

Welcome to the first (hopefully of many) weekly North East hip-hop news posts. In these posts we’ll look to bring you all the latest from the vibrant and horrendously underrated North East hip-hop scene. There’s no doubt we’ll miss a few things each week, but when we do, be sure to let us know.

New Releases:

Rick Fury – Lego Scarface (Killamari Records/Produced by DJ A.D.S)

Lego Scarface

A legend in the North East, Rick Fury has further cemented his reputation as one of the best in the region with this thematic new album. If you’re a newcomer to North East hip-hop and fancy getting stuck in, Lego Scarface encompasses some of the best aspects of NE hip-hop. Filled with realism and wit, as well as a bevy of samples that’ll make you smile with nostalgic delight, you can’t help but love this album.

Check out Lego Scarface here

Naughty 40 – Chicken Shops & Tequila Shots


Naughty 40’s debut album, Chicken Shops & Tequila Shots, shows just why ’40 is one of the North East’s go-to producers. Featuring vocals from some of the best rappers in the North East (Just B, Reali-T, 90Bro, Sutherland, Leddie, Fungi, Raza) as well as a few cheeky verses from the man himself, this is a must listen to album for anyone doubting the NE’s ability to produce high quality hip-hop.

Check out Chicken Shops & Tequila Shots here

E-Mence – Coming Home

He’s been away for a while but with his new single “Coming Home”, E-Mence marks his come back with a taster of whats to come on his upcoming album Live Fast, Die Young.


Fresh off the back of his debut solo album Stay Tuned, Reali-T gives us a little freestyle over a classic beat before he rushes off to “get some Greggs.”

Tuckage must have one of the highest work rates in the scene. It feels like every week we see a new video of his pop up on our timeline.

One of the most interesting and freshest faces on the NE scene, young rapper Eum. serves us up a trippy black and white 90Bro directed video for his track “gogh.”

Eyeconic is back with an extremely stylish video for “S.O.S”, the lead single from his upcoming mixtape Sink or Swim. 

Gigs and Events:


Obscene: Open Mic is back! With special guest host, the aforementioned Eyeconic. Get yourself to Arch 16 in Gateshead this Saturday for a little something different, a welcoming look into what NE hip-hop has to offer. In the mean time find out more about this unique open mic night with our previous articles or via the official Facebook event.

Other News:

Calling all NE hip-hop artists! Prolific blogger Hash Rotten Hippo is putting together his third compilation album of NE hip-hop and is looking for more tracks to feature. Send him your tracks before it’s too late!


Bar of the week:


Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s ‘Hip-Hop NEws’ coming next Monday and thanks for reading. Please don’t forget to share!

Cover featuring Eum.