Gig Review: DMA’s @ Riverside, Newcastle (04/08/17)

After releasing their debut album ‘Hill’s End’ last year, the DMA’s have been on a meteoric accession to the fore front of the indie-rock scene.

The lads from Sydney have gained international acclaim, having their song ‘Play It Out’ featured on the FIFA 17 video game soundtrack, as well as performing a cover of Cher’s ‘Believe’ for Australian radio, gaining over 3 million views on YouTube.

Having already rocked Tyneside back in April this year, as one of the headline acts of ‘Hit The North’ festival, it seems us Northerners can’t get enough of the DMA’s, as their sold at show at Riverside Newcastle proved last month.

Arriving at the venue the first thing that strikes you is the diversity within the audience drawn by the Australian trio. Ranging from 16 year-olds to 56 year-olds, the DMA’s have managed to create a sound that would make any upcoming band envious, a sound that bridges any preconceived generational gap

As the first few chords of ‘Play It Out’ are struck, the crowd erupts into frenzy, with beer flying from each corner of the venue. Within minutes the DMA’s have changed a performance at Riverside into what feels like a main stage Glasto atmosphere. With fans on each other’s shoulders screaming out every word as the Aussie rockers work through their debut album ‘Hill’s End’.

Front man Tommy O’Dell found himself dodging everything from t-shirts to caps throughout the night. Tambourine in hand, it was as if O’Dell was channelling brit-pop giant Liam Gallagher. From his stance to his sound, it’s clear why these boys are often compared to the likes of Oasis.

With a distinctive anthemic sound that appeals to the masses, as well as the charisma and look to back it up, the DMA’s have the formula to take them to the skies.


Originally Written for Gigs North East