North East Noise: An Interview With 90BRO

This week we’ve done something a little different for our latest interview with North East based rapper & DJ, 90BRO. We’ve channelled our inner DJ Akademiks and put together a little video package (GIFs and some text really).

SO, for the first time you will have access to a RIDE Music interview in full. If you haven’t got time to listen to the full interview, here’s 90Bro talking about his new project, CyberSoul.

You’ve got a new demo coming out soon called CyberSoul, tell us about that.

“It’s kind of a marriage of my old projects, MEDiØCRAZY and man.tra in particular. I feel a lot of people have forgotten about soul. It’s become a very quantitative generation where everything’s measured.  This liner perspective. I’ve mentioned the ‘digital age’ lots of times. The project is kind of about just remembering to be, or trying to be soulful in an age that’s becoming less and less soulful.

“I really want to push the boundaries with this one, more than I have before. Everyway, I want it to sound next level.”

What sort of issues will you be addressing in CyberSoul?

“I think people are becoming more enlightened and aware, with things like social media in particular. I’ve got a track called ‘Judgemental’ and… this is going to sound next [level] but you know when people talk about ‘the days of judgement’, I think the internet is that. It’s created a world in which people are judging each other all the time, there’s instant karma and gratification from what you’re saying.

“It’s for better or worse, it’s not positive or negative, it’s just got to happen, it is happening.”

You feature on a lot of tracks coming from the North East, but are there going to be many features on CyberSoul?

“There’s not going to be any features, there’s some backing vocals and some very interesting samples. However, I will try to keep it North East in some respects but the subject matter I’m talking about is very vast but it’s also very personal. I go a bit more into my past, where I grew up and stuff.”

Words by Johnathan Ramsay
Feature photograph by JRR Photography