Interview: Ronin Clan

On a snowy February afternoon we caught up with Ronin Clan, a rap-trio from the North East of England.

Despite only forming in October 2017, the Ronin have quickly made an impact with their unique blend of trap beats, fast flows and a touch of screamo – the trio walk the line between genres, seemingly not being fully accepted by the hardcore or hip-hop community. LxngCat, Shoshin Noel and Icaarus took some time to tell us about their latest music video, what they think of the North East hip-hop scene and why they don’t care about being accepted…

(Apologies for the background chat and slight buzzing – we 100% need a new mic)


00:00 – Introduction + How long have you been making music together?
03:16 – How would you describe your sound?
05:35 – You get booked for a lot of metal and hardcore gigs, why do you think that is?
07:00 – How would you describe your live shows?
09:40 – Thoughts on the local hip-hop scene
13:00 – Boom-bap boring?
16:25 – ‘We rate Jack Musson’
17:35 – Where did the name ‘Ronin Clan’ come from?
19:45 – New track with NATO
21:10 – Mams and religion
23:20 – The Ronin wheel barrow
24:20 – Snow Storm
24:53 – The making of ‘Yungry’
28:39 – “The crisps story”
30:08 – More videos?
31:47 – Hopes for the rest of 2018