He Knows She Knows talk life on the road ahead of 2018 tour

X-Factor stars Silvar and Sharna Laidlow AKA He Knows She Knows are hitting the road again this year for a mammoth 75 date UK tour! As well as that, they’re also releasing a new single called “I Was The Winner” in the coming weeks – we caught up with the duo before they set off, to find out more about their new single and what it’s like spending so much time on the road.

You’re going back on the road this month, are you looking forward to it?

Sharna: Yeah, can’t wait, it feels like we’ve been hidden away the last few months preparing but we can’t wait to get back out there and make some noise. 

Silvar: I can’t wait to get back on the road… the places we go are always so welcoming and the areas are beautiful, so it will be nice to see it all again. The performances are always incredible and we love the fans that come and support us, so it will be great to see some familiar faces again. 

Despite your massive touring schedule, you’re releasing a new single very soon – how do you find the time to make new music? 

Sharna: I don’t think that will ever be an issue, because we’re a couple, we can work anytime, anywhere. I could come up with a song during the morning shower and we would have it mixed and mastered by dinner time. I guess we have the convenience of being able to work 24/7.

Silvar: I guess the fact that we have a home studio and we can write on the road makes it quite easy; the song “I Was The Winner” was actually about one of Sharna’s dreams, she woke up and told me the concept and it was finished by the end of the day. Making music is the reason I got into the industry and the performing is just a bonus. With the He Know She Knows brand it’s about a lot more than the music; I want it to be our legacy and I want to constantly create good and credible original music, as well as entertain live audiences nationwide and hopefully worldwide within the next few years.

What’s the hardest part of being on such a long tour? 

Sharna: It makes it hard to see people, family and friends, but other than that I can’t say there’s anything bad about it, it’s the best time of my life, to be honest I feel like I blink and its over and I want to start over again. 

Silvar: I suppose if I had to find a negative it would be the long 11 hour trips through the night having come off stage at midnight, but even then its just another adventure, I love my job.

Does the pressure of touring ever get to you? 

Sharna: Theres always pressure but you can’t let it show; it doesn’t matter if you are ill, lost your voice or in the best shape ever, you have to always give the exact same show, and never let the pressure take over.

Silvar: Being tired can effect your mood, especially on the long journeys, but I don’t think anything we do causes pressure. It’s more the technical side, the things you can’t control that get to me, sometimes you can be mid-set and something happens that you’re not expecting and it’ll throw you off, most of the time you can fix it but it is difficult when you have no idea what went wrong. Just keep swimming, I guess.

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What’s the thing you enjoy most about being on tour? 

Sharna: Being able to share the stage with my best friend. I don’t have to miss my partner like a lot of solo acts would, when I go on tour my life comes with me. I imagine when we have children it will be different but for now it’s awesome. 

Silvar: For me seeing how people react to us after the show when we do our meet and greets. It’s incredible how many families have become die hard fans. We get to put faces to the youtube views when we tour, and meet all the real people behind the statistics – it’s the best way to be closer to your fans. 

Does it make it easier touring with someone you love? 

Sharna: Yes, he knows me, so I don’t have to act any different then I would at home. It’s not a business relationship like being in a band, it’s real and we want each other to thrive, we don’t get jealous of each other like a lot of bands do, we know our roles and stick to them. 

Silvar: Yeah, I’m long past the party days and being on tour with my fiancee is the cherry on top of it all. She makes life easier, so for me touring with my fiancee is great. But, I imagine for people who are used to their own space it would be difficult. We are stuck at the hip so I wouldn’t want it any other way.  

You’ve traveled all over the UK, do you have any favourite spots or hidden gems that you’ve found on tour? 

Sharna: The South West coast is beautiful, it’s such an adventure. I remember going to one gig and there being cows and sheep on the road just chilling blocking the way. 

Silvar: There are a lot of amazing places and if you follow the vlogs on our website or YouTube you can see some incredible sights; the Isle Of Wight is always good fun and if your vehicle can handle a rather demanding journey Challabourgh Bay is unreal… but if you like your car I would be extra cautious, I pin balled off a hidden wall on the way!

Have you got a highlight from your past tours that stands out to you?

Sharna: Silvar’s birthday weekend was amazing as everything I planned fell perfectly into place. I had the crowd holding up a banner and singing happy birthday and it was at a great venue too. 

Silvar: There was three very inspirational fans that really gave us a boost when meeting them, hopefully they read this so I’ll say their names, Dionne, Dominic and Shannon. They made us appreciate our lives and what we have in this world, meeting them was my highlight. Oh yeah and turning the Christmas lights on with Santa won’t be one I forget anytime soon. 

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