New track ‘Sinister 6’ sees six of the best rappers in the North East come together

Six of the North East’s best hip-hop artists have come together for new single “Sinister 6”

Leddie MC, 90BRO, Rex Regis, Kay Greyson, Max Gavins and Reali-T come together like the NE hip-hop Avengers on this 6.06 minute wave of top-drawer lyricism and ridiculous ‘6’ puns.

Much like the real Avengers, each of the artists on this track have uniquely individual styles that perfectly compliment each other; from Leddie’s hard-hitting Boro bars to Kay Greyson’s lyrical lesson in alliteration. “Sinister 6” encapsulates just how diverse the North East hip-hop scene really is.

It’s clear from the sample of Bert and Ernie discussing their favourite numbers that this track is just a bit of fun, will the Sinister 6 be a one off or will we see a sequel? Only time will tell.

The track is due to be released on April 6th 2018.

Sinister 6 – “Six” Count

Leddie MC: 20

 Kay Greyson: 15

Reali-T: 8

90BRO: 7

Rex Regis: 4

Max Gavins: 4

Bert: 1

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