Asshole of the Week: The Game (#10)

Compton’s favourite son became Middlesbrough’s most hated rapper last week, after allegedly ‘no showing’ his March 21st show at Teesside University – earning him our first ever ‘Asshole of the Week’ award

I remember seeing The Game back in 2008 in Newcastle, it was one of my first rap gigs ever and to this day it holds a place in my heart. When the news broke that he didn’t bother showing up to his latest show in the North East, after supposedly already being paid 16K, it really got to me that a performer as revered as he is could leave his fans in the lurch like that.

According to organisers he just “vanished”. I for one hope that there was more to it, at least some sort of reasoning that isn’t just Game’s ego. Screenshots have emerged with Game claiming “money was the issue”. I suspect in the following weeks more details will come to light, it seems out of character for someone as experienced as The Game to just up and leave without notice – but, without any official word from the man himself we’ve got to take the word of those who were there. Game, you are our Asshole of the Week.

The positive side to this story is that our local support acts still got to perform on such a huge platform, regardless if The Game turned up or not. Leddie MC and Yung Hydro & Tees Grime Fam still killed it on the night, they turned up and gave the crowd all they had.

I guess in a way we should thank Game for not turning up, he gave our local artists an opportunity to steal the show at what was probably the biggest gig of their lives…and that’s exactly what they did.

Artist of the Week will resume again next Monday 




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