Artist of the Week – eum. (#11)



Jack Musson AKA Eum. @ Obscene

I remember first seeing eum. at an open mic event, he was sat alone on a couch with his shoulder length black hair coming out from under a shabby looking old Newcastle United cap – needless to say he didn’t strike me as your stereotypical rapper; in fact, he didn’t strike me as a rapper at all at that point.

When the first name of the night was called up, eum. stood up and nervously took the mic… I still wasn’t convinced. But, as soon as that beat dropped he seemed to changed into a different person, his demeanour exuded confidence as he simultaneously destroyed everyone’s preconceptions of him within his first few bars. No… he wasn’t perfect, but it was obvious to everyone in the room that this kid had something about him, a raw talent that could really turn into something special.

Fast forward 12 months and under the guidance of a number of experienced local rappers, eum. is beginning to flourish, making progress at a staggering rate. eum. is now one of the fastest growing rappers in the North East and the ball is well and truly in his court to push on and further himself as a serious artist, if that is what he wants of course.

At the moment eum. makes some really interesting and experimental music from his bedroom and occasionally blows away a room of unexpected punters at open mic events; the next step is pushing to secure some live shows with his name on the bill – I for one am excited to see what this talented young artist is going to do next.




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