EP Review: ‘Greaze Fest’ – Blitz

Blitz is back with a new four track EP that from start to finish serves as a reminder that the he is one of the best in the North East.

‘Greaze Fest’ gives you exactly what it says on the tin; it’s 12 minutes of pure grime realness done the Teesside way – no frills, no bullshit, just facts. At a glance the EP serves to assert Blitz’s dominance as king of the North East scene, both in a clash and on a record – if you don’t know who Blitz is or you’ve been sleeping on him, ‘Greaze Fest’ tells you all you need to know with the subtlety of being repeatedly punched in the face.

Opener “Good Kid Mad Town” sees Blitz paint a bleak and vivid picture of his home town of Middlesbrough, and the dog eat dog mentality of those that live there. Despite all the bars about crime, the most frightening line describes how Blitz likes to reheat chicken parmos on the morning after a night out for breakfast – the thought actually makes me feel a bit ill – GREASE FEST.

On a serious note, the Naughty40 produced old school violin-backed grime beat on this track fits Blitz’s flow like a glove. Pair that with the surprisingly catchy hook and you’ve got yourself an anthem for anyone that’s ever felt trapped in a rough place surrounded by rough people – although I’m sure Middlesbrough must have some ‘nice’ parts…right?

Got It On Box” feels like a defiant comeback track that’s giving the middle finger to anyone who’s doubted Blitz’s ability in the past. “Young Dot” comes with a similar tone and sees Blitz push himself in terms of pace as he spits with a virtually breathless flow.

The title track “Greaze Fest” is an all-star link up with some of the best upcoming grime emcees in the land, including fellow Teesside boy Yung Hydro providing the hook.

Overall, ‘Greaze Fest’ is a stellar effort as far as an EP goes – it focuses purely on sending a message to everyone and anyone that’s ever doubted Blitz’s status as the best in the region – and whether you agree with Blitz on that front on not, you’ve got to applaud him for even having the balls to say it.

‘Greaze Fest’ is Blitz’s warning shot to the NE scene – is he truly the best in the region? – let us know what you think.


1.Good Kid Mad Town
2.Got It On Box (Feat. Sox)
3. Greaze Fest (Feat. Eyes, Nolay, Paddy & Yung Hydro)
4. Young Dot
Words by J.Ramsay

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