Inside Newcastle’s Newest Record Shop: Beyond Vinyl

In recent years, Newcastle has continued to grow its image as one of the more music centric cities in the north of England. Whilst its big brother, Manchester, often steals the limelight with iconic acts like The Smiths, Stone Roses, Joy Division, and Oasis in its arsenal; leaving Newcastle trailing behind. However, Newcastle has slowly began found its music culture mojo with a smattering of gig venues like the Metro Radio Arena, ranked as the 7th busiest venue in the world by Pollstar magazine, and not forgetting the ‘Toon’s’ collection of music shops –  a collection that appears to be growing.

A few weeks back we released our guide for Record Store Day 2018 where we talked about what stores will be participating in this year’s RSD. On the list, we featured favourites like Beatdown, Reflex and RPM music. However, there was one store we featured that we discussed which hadn’t been given an official opening date: Beyond Vinyl. To find out more about the fledgling store we spoke to the shop’s owner, David McGovern.

Beyond Vinyl

Firstly, beyond vinyl has set out to be exactly what their name suggests, with the David set to leave the conventional record store formula behind for his new store. It turns out the road beyond vinyl leads to coffee, with people being able to sit down, have a drink, and enjoy a more social experience. It will also be used as a venue for scheduled live performances throughout the year, giving a platform to local musicians and artists. From the get-go, the store will act as more of a social hub for Newcastle’s music clientele, setting its sights on the future with an end goal of incorporating a bar into the premises to further build on that social element.

However, before you go ‘beyond’ vinyl, there are still the usual creature comforts to get you by. There will be a healthy selection of pre-loved and new vinyl to be bought, with CDs and cassettes also rumoured for the future. The store will also be participating in this year’s Record Store Day, so if you’re looking for something a little less conventional this RSD, you know where to go.

Beyond Vinyl
88 Westgate Road
Words by Aaron Skinner
With Thanks to David McGovern