Durham blues rockers Circa 69 channel Pink Floyd with debut single ‘Open Seas’

There’s only two words that people think of when they hear the word Durham: castle and cathedral. You could also make the argument for ‘Lumiere’, ‘river’ or even ‘sixth form’, but never the word ‘band’. What even is a Durham band? What do they sound like? Well according to upcoming artists Circa ‘69, it’s the sweet sound of blues rock.

The local four piece are aiming to capture that 60s and 70s blues rock sound in their first single. ‘Open Seas’ was back in March on Spotify and YouTube and currently stands as the band’s only existing studio material.

The band’s 60s/70s influences come flooding through the second the track starts with a soulful riff before the drums, vocals and bass come together to make a hauntingly good track. ‘Open Seas’ replicates that unique smooth rhythm throughout found in early Pink Floyd work, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Circa ’69’s style stands out from the current crop of upcoming indie rockers; the future remains rather unclear for where the band will go next but I’m sure Durham will be waiting with open arms for their next release, hopefully coming soon.

Written by Aaron Skinner
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