Artist of the Week – Noble Dan (#13)

Noble Dan


Noble Dan

This week’s Artist of the Week won’t mind us saying that he’s one of the most experienced rappers still doing it in the North East. Originally from North London, Noble had his first taste of success in the rap game in 2009 as a part of the grime collective K.I.G Family, most known for their playful banger “Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toez”. Fast forward almost a decade and Noble is still working hard at his craft here in the North East, recently dropping a new mixtape entitled ‘Hard Drive Vol.1: The Journey‘ via Ace Musiq Entertainment and performing at the O2 Academy alongside upcoming new wave pop-group The Radio Set.

Noble’s music reflects the so-called ‘Golden Era’ of hip-hop that he was brought up on, with influences like Public Enemy, NWA and Big Daddy Kane, Noble is about spreading a message through his lyrics without any braggadocios claims or fakery – ironically, this ‘old school’ approach to hip-hop feels like a breath of fresh air in an era defined by repetitive hooks and dumbed down lyrics.

According to clichè ‘age is but a number’ and if Noble Dan’s music is anything to go by then he’ll soon be proving that clichè to be fact – don’t get it twisted, despite being in his thirties, Noble could still give any teenage wordsmith a run for their money behind the mic. Hopefully the rest of 2018 sees Noble continue to release more gold standard music to get your heads bopping.




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