Album Review: ‘Invariably’ – Tuckage

Definition: “Invariably” – In every case or on every occasion; always.

Invariably seems like an apt name for a Tuckage album, because in 2017 I saw his name on my Facebook feed every time I looked at it, always posting new videos or music – so it was only right that I review his first album of 2018.

The 11-track album quickly drags you into a dark place with slow, heavy bass beats that create a depressively atmospheric tone. Throughout the album Tuckage’s lyrics match this mood, filled with raw emotion and passion that you can feel in every word that he spits.

Anyone that’s ever listened to the Wearside emcee’s work knows that the most eyebrow-rasing thing about Tuckage is his delivery. Tuckage regularly jumps in and out of the pocket of the beat, on occasion finding himself almost completely out of sync with the beat. Now, this isn’t necessarily a criticism, it’s what makes Tuckage stand-out from the crowd. Take “Blood Money” for example, Tuckage spits with real aggression about the shit he has to go through on a day-to-day basis, telling us about the struggle his parents have to go through just to keep the lights on. This pure emotional outpouring is what makes Tuckage appealing, to mess with his unconventional flow would risk losing this raw emotion.

Lyrically, Tuckage has the ability to paint a perfect picture of what it’s like to be him; addressing real-life situations that some rappers may be too scared to put on record – on “Demons” Tuckage reveals how his house had been robbed four times in eight weeks. The young rapper’s lyrics also show someone that has their head screwed on music industry wise, in terms of knowing how hard it will be to make it coming from the North East – on “Hunt” Tuckage asks “Who wants to take a risk on this North East accent?” – a question that many upcoming artists in the region ask themselves on a daily basis.

On “Too Much On Ma Mind” Tuckage states: “I’m trying to make it out of the place where they’re comparing me with old ways”, maybe that’s exactly what I’m guilty of doing to Tuckage with this review. He’s brimming with passion and whatever you or I think about his sound, there’s no doubting it’s unique and that’s a rarity worth holding onto in climate where a lot of rappers get accused of ‘sounding the same’ – no one could accuse Tuckage of sounding like anyone else.

3 white stars/5

Written by J.Ramsay
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