Artist of the Week – This Be The Click (#14)

This Be The Click



The dynamic duo of Smooth Jezza and Dubz AKA This Be The Click, are without doubt one of the North East’s most well known and respected Hip-Hop acts. You’d be hard pushed to find another Hip-Hop act in the region that has been around as long as they have, and yet they still continue to be one of the hardest working acts to this day.

Work rate wise, Smooth Jezza and Dubz have been blowing the competition away in 2018; as of the date this article was published, they’ve released nine new music videos and four mixtapes (in the form of the ‘For The Fans Pt.3’ quadrilogy). When asked why they’ve been releasing so much new music so frequently this year, Smooth Jezza said “So, our producer up Scotland recently had his first child, understandably that put music on the back burner for him. But, me and Dubz got the itch to make music,  so we dropped four mixtapes, one every week in January, and now we’ve feeling that itch again. So we’re dropping two ‘one take’ videos per week leading up to June, in what we’re calling ‘1Take Season’.

“After that we’ll be dropping our next official music video, produced by Theorist, featuring Layla Lu – that’s more or less finished at this point. Then the focus will be continuing with my solo project; ‘Mike Legend Saga parts 2 & 3’ are complete and ready to drop right now though.

“In a nut shell, we realised if you don’t know about my Bandcamp site as a fan, then you’re not going to know about all the free music we’re dropping there. So, ‘1Take Season’ aims to give the fans more visual stuff to keep their interest, since we hadn’t posted anything to our YouTube since the end of 2016 before this.”

Their work doesn’t stop at just putting out music however, the pair will be hitting the road this summer after securing a slot on on the ‘Breakout Artists 2018 Tour’ in association with UBeat TV and BBC Radio 1Xtra. The show will take place at Barrow Underground Music Society 6th July and is sure to be an absolute riot.





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