Artist of the Week – Max Gavins (#16)

Max Gavins



After dropping his long awaited ‘1994’ album last summer, Newcastle based rapper Max Gavins is back again with a new EP just in time for the sunshine.

‘Same Old’ dropped last week; an 11 track tape littered with features and interesting samples. Produced largely by Max and veteran DJ and producer DJ A.D.S at Gateshead’s CoMusica Arches, the project feels like an entirely more focused effort than 2017’s ‘1994’; probably because ‘1994’ was constructed over a period of years in and out of the studio, rather than focused sessions over a few months. In an interview with RIDE Music last year, following the release of ‘1994’, Max said: “I’m not going to do another album after this or another EP or anything. I’m gonna just do songs, because doing stuff this way takes far too long. By the time it’s finished, some of those songs are almost 3 years old, I don’t want to listen to music I’ve made 3 years ago.” 

Clearly Max is in a different head space now in comparison to last year and it’s great to see him putting out another solid project. The most salient thing about ‘Same Old’ can be summed up in the sample that appears on the first and last track on the project (It’s also the inspiration behind the project’s name), it’s an old American voice declaring “It’s the same old story, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!” That statement has been proven true with this EP; being around the likes of DJ A.D.S and the rest at CoMusica has brought out the best in Max, resulting in an exuberant, infectious and massively enjoyable record. 




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