Artist of the Week – Rex Regis (#20)

Rex Regis



Rex Regis has been a longtime fixture in the North East’s Hip-Hop scene, releasing three solo studio albums, creating supergroup The Brainfeeders, and most impressively, he’s inspired many young talents to get behind the mic through his youth work. But, all good things must come to an end and soon Rex could be picking up a mic for the last time. Speaking on his possible retirement from music, Rex told RIDE Music: “It all depends on what happens with CHAT Trust (A youth charity and Rex’s workplace), when/If that place goes, I won’t make any of my own music anymore. It’s hard to explain but I’ve got a loyalty to it and to just up and go make music somewhere else after all I’ve been through feels cheap to me. In terms of setting events up and advice, even maybe management is a thought. And I might do the odd feature verse if the concept and beat is good,”

He’s not quite done yet though, the veteran emcee recently dropped two new tracks and confirmed the release of one final project before hanging up his boots. “Intro – (Parting Gift)” is the first track to be released off the new project – ‘Parting Gift’ will be a collection of final releases, rather than a full EP or album.

Rex followed that up with “Third Times A Charm”, another single that may be featured on the upcoming project. Both tracks show that Rex is still on top form; his gritty, aggressive delivery and crass tongue in cheek lyrics are always certain to get a reaction – whether it be one of disgust or amusement, Rex doesn’t care either way. “I’ve got a track with my sister Kay Greyson dropping soon called ‘Game’ and also I have one more track to shoot video for and release. Hopefully all going to plan they will both be out during June,

If this upcoming project is to be Rex’s final musical contribution to the scene, it’s only right that he goes down as one of the most influential rappers to ever pick up a mic in the North East. His youth work alone gives him that status, he’s inspired the likes of Kema Kay and Kay Greyson, as well as a plethora of young Geordie musicians that are yet to make their mark. Rex’s legacy is undeniable and we can’t wait to hear his next, and possibly final, project. “In terms of career highlights, doing ‘0191’ with a live band in the Cluny was my first big ‘WTF this is class’ moment. Also when my first album ‘Faithful’ was released, having positive public praise from the likes of Rick Fury and having people like Ken Masters turning up to my album launch was big. Running No Beef Battles as well as the whole Brainfeeders album was amazing as well as stressful! And just seeing people like my sister, Gypsy Lipstick, Cameron Sparks etc, doing their thing was also a blessing for me.”




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