Meet… Eum (Q&A)

Jack Musson AKA Eum is one of the most intriguing young rappers currently looking to make a name for themselves in the North East. He stands out from his contemporaries in the region with his uniquely experimental D.I.Y style that takes obvious inspiration from new-school leaders, like Travis Scott and Young Thug, and from underground Soundcloud kings like Scarlxrd and XXXTentacion. We spoke to the upcoming emcee before his first ever festival appearance at The Bridge 2, one of the UK’s biggest celebrations of Hip-Hop music and culture, held at The Sage in Gateshead.

RIDE Music: Eum, am I right in saying The Bridge 2 is your first ever festival appearance? 

Eum: Ayeeeeee, it is bro. First ever festival appearance, feel like a cliché underdog character that’s going through a mental Rocky Balboa-esque training experience. I want this to be a good performance and something to remember me by, man. It’ll be an intriguing outcome when I’m older and I step back and think about memories like that this one, like I already do with last year’s performances because – they still feel like my greatest, personally to me.


RIDE: Are you nervous?

Eum: Course I am, the thought of it gives me goosebumps! I can’t fuck up…

RIDE: You performed your first full live set at Hawthorn Palooza a few weeks ago, how did you feel that went?

Eum: A lot of improvement from previous performances, but I still need to improve on a few little factors (breath control, eye contact with the crowd, etc.), just need to plant myself in the zone more and focus entirely on the now instead of worrying about what other people think – that goes for rap and life in general!


RIDE: Do you feel you’ve improved since you started making music last year?

Eum: Oh aye. I feel I could write anything, I genuinely wanna be a ghost-writer man. Also, I don’t record on the laptop anymore, I go to studio so the quality/mixing has improved.

RIDE: What new music have you got coming up? 

Eum: ‘YUNG.GOAT’ EP and then a sequel ‘Macabre.Blossoms.2.’; I feel I’ll be one of the best writers in the scene once I release the sequel because I genuinely feel like I’ve created this complex writing style, but at the same time I wanna not explain to NE1 what it is and just let it go over their heads, like a cryptic code. It’ll be soon… I took inspiration from Shakespeare bro…

RIDE: What else have you got planned for 2018?

Eum: Plenty of things music-wise, writing-wise, production quality-wise, anything-wise. You’ll all see soon. Peace.

By J.Ramsay

Catch Eum at this year’s The Bridge 2: UK Hip-Hop Festival…