Denzel Curry takes shots at the industry on new single “Percs”

Since breaking into the mainstream hip-hop psyche back in 2015 with his viral hit and biggest meme of the year “Ultimate”, Denzel Curry has continued to cultivate a strong cult following, dropping his extremely impressive 2nd album ‘Imperial’ in 2016 and the equally as intriguing ‘13’ EP in the summer of 2017.

The Flordia rapper has been teasing the release of his third album ‘Ta13oo’ for a while now, claiming that the ‘13’ EP was a sample of things to come on this album. Come May 2018 and Denzel has finally released the first single that’s confirmed for ‘Ta13oo’, “Percs”. The three minute track is a spaciously produced trap inspired thriller, filled with cutting punchlines that take aim at the current state of hip-hop and it’s obsession with less than lyrical artists.

Needless to say, Denzel’s flow and rhyme scheme is mesmerising; his ability to rap at speed, with complete clarity, whilst also pushing his vocals to achieve that signature gritty cadence, that lets him shout without needing to shout, is what makes him standout from his contemporaries with ease – and he knows that.

“With these dumbass n***** and they don’t say shit, sound like ‘durr, durr, durr’, you like ‘oh, that’s lit’” 

Denzel knows he could out rap most, if not all, of the other ‘Soundcloud generation’ rappers coming up around him – I mean you only need to look at his 2016 XXL Freshman classmates to see the proof – but, the challenge now is how does he match their popularity in this environment?

The truth is he doesn’t really need to, he’s carving his own lane and we can’t see anyone catching him up right now. ‘Ta13oo’ may just cement Denzel’s place as one of the best of his generation, if it’s anywhere near the quality of ‘Imperial’ then we’re in for a treat.

Johnathan Ramsay


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