Artist of the Week – Freddy (#22)

25-year-old Freddy from Durham is an unknown in the North East’s music scene right now, he’s only been rapping for a year, but he’s now ready to start making a name for himself. However, this isn’t your run of the mill rap music that Freddy’s making; his debut EP ‘State Of Emergency’ dropped last week and it feels as much influenced by screamo bands like Bring Me The Horizon than it does any of the clichè ‘golden era’ rappers that upcoming artists normally name.

Freddy is in a relatively new lane that’s just starting to get some recognition in the mainstream media, who are labelling this sound as ‘Trap Metal’ – essentially a combination of screaming metal vocals, contemporary hip-hop beats and the occasional fire verse. Whatever you want to call it, we love it.

We spoke to Freddy to find out a little bit more about the face paint wearing genre splicer…

RIDE Music: How would you describe your sound? 

Freddy: Well, that’s a tricky one, because I’m not really limited to one style. It really depends how I’m feeling at the time… I could literally drop something real chill, like some old De La Soul vibes, then drop something crazy distorted and angry next, or anything in between… all things rap & hip hop I suppose you could say.

RIDE: What inspires your music? 

Freddy: What I’m listening to really inspires me a lot, because I produce as well, I get inspired in different ways. I might hear a melody or a sample, then I’ll start slapping some sounds about. But mostly it’s what’s going on around me. If I get annoyed by something I’ll start writing and get it all out on the page.

RIDE: What’s with the face paint? 
FREDDY - rapper

Freddy: So, the face paint was really to give a face to the raw, aggressive side of me. I feel like I put on the paint and I’m ready for war, for anything. I also thought it would be good to have a bit of separation between when I’m on the mic, and when I’m just with the family or chilling with my girlfriend you know? I can become Freddy and really let loose all my feelings and thoughts on the world, and hopefully it will give people a bit more to remember than the music alone…

RIDE: You’ve just released your first EP, what can you tell us about it?

Freddy: This EP is definitely my most aggressive work to date without a doubt. I produced the whole thing myself, there’s a lot of anger and energy throughout, I really let loose on this one. I give my views on things that I don’t like and just don’t get about a lot of people, and how they live their lives. My bro Yakka came through with a great verse on track 2, and he also shot the videos for the EP so shouts to him… I feel like I got a lot off my chest, but this is just the beginning.




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