Artist of the Week – Fungi Ferg (#23)

This week’s Artist of the Week is Fungi Ferg, a Teesside rapper whose just dropped the first single from his highly anticipated ‘HIGH’ mixtape.

Ferg is the latest rapper from the recent wave of Teesside emcees making serious moves to stake their claim as a force to be reckoned with in the North East.

Fungi Ferg

We caught Ferg for the first time at the O2 Academy supporting Jaykae in June. He made the most of his 15 minute slot, cloaked in a black hood Ferg put on a confident performance that had a surprising air of experience for an artist that’s relatively new to the game.

Ferg’s latest single “Get Wise” showcases the style that makes him stand out from his contemporaries in the region; Ferg’s cadence takes influence from Reggae style vocals, mixed with a gritty Tees accent, making for a very unique sound. Lyrically “Get Wise” takes shots at people that try to exploit you, from media outlets to snakey friends – Ferg just wants you to wake up and understand when you’re being manipulated.

“I see these with a positive persona, I see through to that negative aura, yeah / Now I’m not trying to be no conscious soldier, I’m just tryna get wise now I’m older, yeah” Fungi Ferg – “Get Wise” 

This first single has got us wanting more from Fungi Ferg, the ‘HIGH’ mixtape can’t come soon enough.

Cover image by Green Ranger Visuals




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