Leazes Park’s Free Hip-Hop Festival | Tower Fest 2018 Preview

This weekend marks the birth of a brand new music festival in the North East; a free hip-hop festival to be held in Newcastle’s Leazes Park from 12-9pm on Saturday – introducing, Tower Fest 2018.

Described as a ‘family charity event’, this all day celebration of urban music is in support of Westend based youth charity Chat Trust. Chat Trust is a charity that looks to direct young people in Newcastle away from the wrong path and turn them towards a positive outlet for their energy through music.

With over 24 of the best upcoming names in the North East’s thriving hip-hop, R&B and grime scene on the bill, all for FREE, Tower Fest is set to be one of the most exciting live music events of the year in the region.

We spoke to Tower Fest organiser Curtis Bovell-Strachan of Ace Musiq in order to find out more about this exciting event…

Tower Fest 2018 Line Up, Leazes Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne

What’s the inspiration behind putting on Tower Fest?

We wanted to create a lane for ourselves, to help build a new North East presence for hip-hop and music in general. We at Ace Musiq feel that the North East as a whole still gets overlooked and that there’s a lot of talent that needs to be exposed to the masses. We know it’s going be a long road, but it’s also the start of creating something new within the music industry – Ace Musiq Entertainment is about collaborating and creating something special.

Why did you decide on Leazes Park as the location for the festival?

Leazes Park, Newcastle, England
Leazes Park, Newcastle

There was no real reason of choosing Leazes Park, it was more a suggestion from a colleague we know, so we decided to jump on the opportunity to build our own festival – and why not take the opportunity while it’s there to hopefully build a yearly event.

The bill is filled with the some of the best local talent, how did you decide who to put on?

Noble Dan has worked with a few of the artists that have been named and has a good relationship with a lot of the others, that’s why we thought Noble was suitable to select the line up as it’s our first main event in the North East. Although he wanted to add more, we felt that these were the key artists that seem to be creating some stir right now in the scene.

Is there anyone that you’re particularly looking forward to seeing perform?

This Be the Click, HB and NATO, all three of these acts from what we have seen previously seem to create a very explosive energy and they all have a great sound! That’s not to say that the other acts aren’t great, because they all are extremely talented, but everyone has their own favourites.

The event is in support of Chat Trust, why do you think it’s such an important charity?

We felt that it was an important cause as Noble Dan had spoken to Rex Regis, a youth worker and rapper from the charity, earlier in the year briefly about Chat Trust and he spoke to us wanting to help in some way, but at the time there was nothing put in to action. So, when the opportunity came up for us to do this event it was the first thing that was mentioned, then Tony our creative director got in contact to put the wheels in motion.

Are there any young people performing from Chat Trust that you think could be the next big thing in the local scene?

Yeah, we have three acts from Chat Trust performing plus Rex Regis himself. To be fair, it’s still too early to say at this stage who might be the next to make a big stir, but everyone takes their own time in development and that’s what the charity is about; developing young artists and pushing them in the right direction.

Interview by J.Ramsay

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