Artist of the Week – KV$HNOODLE (#36)

After leaving his all on stage at Last Train Home festival last weekend, Newton Aycliffe rapper KV$HNOODLE is our ‘Artist of the Week’.

Opening up the Legacy Skate Store stage at Last Train Home festival in Darlington, KV$H had has work cut out for him; people were still turning up and the stage (essentially the shop’s backyard) didn’t afford much space to go as crazy as the energetic rapper would have liked. Despite that, KV$H approached the set as if it was a sold out arena show.


Emanating raw emotion, KV$H rapped and screamed his way through a dark set of introspective tracks whilst pacing around the performance area. From talking to him before hand, it’s clear when KV$H gets on stage that he turns into another person, he’s in some sort of unhinged trance when he performs.

An interview with KV$HNOODLE and 90BRO after their LTH set

It turned out this was KV$H operating on 50% in terms of energy, mostly down to the restrictiveness of the stage. Performing his new collaboration with Ronin Clan “WTW” live for the first time later that day, in a much more open area, KV$H left blood, sweat and tears on that stage – literally!

Ronin Clan 2 UP LTH.jpg

Smashing the mic against his head in a GG Allin-esque act of on stage madness, throwing his body around and dropping to his knees before letting out blood curdling screams, KV$H showed a level of pure passion that’s not often seen from artists at this level. A bit mad? Yes. Did we love it? Of course we f**king did!




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Ronin Clan 2 UP LTH.jpg


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