Mixtape Review: ‘The Law of Attraction’ – Blitz

Released early September this year, ‘The Law Of Attraction’ mixtape is long-serving Teesside grime emcee Blitz’ full length follow up to the well-received ‘Greaze Fest’ EP, released back in March. The nine-track project begins with a clip from a speech on self-motivation, stating that “Whatever you do, you want to develop technical mastery, you want to be the best at what you do… Part of self-motivation is, you’ve got to find something that gives you a strong sense of competence, you become known for that, you develop a reputation for being good at doing that…” and so on. As intended, this sets the tone for the project in no uncertain terms – Blitz, along with many fans, thinks that he IS the best grime artist in the North East; that’s what he believes he’s known for, what he’s the ‘master’ at, and that’s more or less what he’s going to remind you over the next eight tracks.

With that ‘I’m better than all of you’ mindset already established, it’ll come as no surprise that this mixtape walks a fine line between confidence and arrogance; it’s going to rub some people up the wrong way and I doubt Blitz gives a f**k – in fact, I’m sure that’s what he wants. The opening two joints, “Roll The Dice” and “Take Your Time” run with this self-congratulatory tone, whilst also acting as cautionary tales for upcoming artists, drawn from Blitz’ own industry experiences. “They were content with a day job, I took a gamble and it paid off, working hard, no days off” the TGF front-runner proclaims proudly on “Roll The Dice”; taking shots at artists that don’t put their all into music, favouring instead to play it safe getting a 9-5 job, and suggesting that he proves that taking risks can, and do, pay off. Blitz makes these shots more explicit on “Take Your Time”, targeting ‘bedroom rappers’ with “You haven’t got a music career outside of your bedroom, so I couldn’t give a f**k about the likes on your Facebook pages.”

Track four, “Need This Space”, comes as a welcome break from Blitz’ lyrical victory lap, showing a more vulnerable and introspective side to the good kid from a mad town. “The last seven years have been full of pain, tell me what I am supposed to do when my friends and my enemies look the same?” Blitz reflects on his music career in the opening line, addressing the pressure he deals with on a daily basis on the hook “Sometimes life just gets too much, and I need this space, I feel the pressure that’s building, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in days.” Fellow Together Getting Funds emcee Eyeconic then jumps in with a top shelf verse; riding the skippy beat with smooth precision, easily providing the best verse of the five features on the project, ahead of DCXDE, Lofty, Josh Watson, and CallMeS.

The rest of the tape largely works off the attitude established in the first two tracks, with Blitz incessantly trying to convince the listener, and possibly himself, that he is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best spitter in the North. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though; if he has convinced you, or you already were a Blitz acolyte to begin with, then you’ll be loving this tape! And hell, if Blitz is making bangers like “Top of My Game” and “Man Like Blitz” when he’s in the mood to believe his own hype, then as far as I’m concerned, he can say whatever the f**k he wants, because those tracks are absolute 10/10 bangers. “I don’t play a bit part role in the movement, little man I AM this scene. Six years straight, man, I RAN this scene” Blitz professes on “Man Like Blitz”; a statement that sums up the message of this project like no other.

The title of this mixtape, ‘The Law Of Attraction’, refers to a philosophical theory that suggests if you focus enough on positive thoughts or experiences, you can attract more positive energy and essentially think those positive thoughts or experiences into existence. That is exactly the theory that Blitz is applying throughout this tape.

By J.Ramsay

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