Artist of the Week – Jack Fox (#38)

After releasing his 10th EP (yes 10th) of the year last week, multifaceted Geordie entertainer Jack Fox is our ‘Artist of the Week’.

Jack Fox is truly a ‘Jack of all trades’ when it comes to entertaining; he’s making his name as one of the North East’s funniest up and coming comedians, whilst also drumming for rock band Hivemind, AND he’s been releasing a solo EP on the first of every month in 2018.

October’s EP, ‘Seriously Butterflies’, Fox describes as his “punk record”, but over the past nine months, the South Shields native’s musical offerings have ranged from hip-hop to ambient instrumentals and alternative rock.

Work-rate wise, we can say with a lot of confidence, that no other entertainer in the region comes close to Jack Fox. But it’s not all about quantity, Fox’s music has the quality factor to boot. Given the range of genres covered by Fox’s EPs, we definitely prefer some of his records much more than others (mostly the hip-hop ones) – but we still find ourselves enjoying the left field instrumentals and spoken word punk!

After listening to all 29 EP tracks Fox has released this year, we put together a little ‘best of’ playlist of our favourite tracks for you. If you find yourself enjoying some of these tracks, go listen to the full EP they came from for more of the same!




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