A window into the life of Leddie MC – ‘Raise a Glass’ track by track walkthrough | FEATURE

Following the success of her 2017 debut album ‘A Piece of Cake’, hip-hop’s ‘Queen of the North’ Leddie MC is back with her sophomore effort ‘Raise a Glass’. The Teesside emcee gives us a candid look into her personal struggles on this new album; a nine-track open book detailing the successes and failures of one of the most accomplished female hip-hop artists in the North East.  Listen to ‘Raise a Glass’ in full here.


Given the personal issues touched on throughout this project, we wanted to find out about the stories and experiences that inspired each track; here’s Leddie MC’s track by track walkthrough of ‘Raise a Glass’

1. Raise a Glass

This is the intro, it is basically a track celebrating life. My first album was dedicated to my Nanna Joan that passed, this one is in memory of my Nanna Maureen – my best friend that died in 2017. I suffered such ugliness within 2016-2017 in terms of losing them both; I felt lost and that life was cruel, and then I gained an angel in my niece, so it’s kind of bittersweet. I brag a little about things I achieved due to my first album too… places I have been to, things I’ve done such as getting married. It’s basically a toast to minor victories in the face of adversity and heartbreak.

2. Take from Me

I wrote this when I felt like no one wanted me to have anything. Every little bit of respect or love was stripped in some aspects of my life, and I kind of felt that people always want to take things from me, turn it into something it isn’t… whatever ‘it’ is. I feel like I took it all in my stride, regained my thoughts, composed myself and came back bigger and better with a more vicious approach.

3. Hunting the Hunter

I always say this will be a song that will lead a revolution, I want May’s head on a f**king stick to this song! I got the beat sent and immediately thought of the concept, as I sent it to Yosh, who has a feature on it, and he thought the same thing. The concept is that we (the working class) are being culled like foxes. People in power want us dead, and are finding ways to do this; whether it is benefit cuts, sanctions, or taking away our NHS. So, it’s basically turning on those in power, which are referred to as the Hunters. They came for us first… only the fittest survive and now the tables have turned, we’re ‘Hunting the Hunter’.

4. They Wanna Know

I always dedicate this track to nosey bastards during my set, I had a lot going on as I wrote it and I felt like all people did was pry and ask about my problems. Not to ease my pain, but to make themselves feel better. I learned some people have no filter what-so-ever and have no qualms with asking about things that are so personal. It has a dark sense of humour to it, from talking about my parent’s marriage and my nanna being diagnosed with terminal cancer, to people asking about how much money I make per show.

5. Why oh Why

This is a track that touches on questions people ask in general, from why I seem to shy away when my name is mentioned, or to why me and Smog are no longer a duo. It’s like they can’t just accept your music for what it is, or listen to it to understand more about certain situations. I realised I’d lost friends that I hadn’t talked to for a while, for whatever reason, and I felt hurt. I felt like other people had to defend me whilst others were trying to change me into something I’m not. 

6. Something Gotta Give

I wrote this when I realised how hard work making music and working 40 hours a week is, whilst trying to keep my mental health in check, stay relatively fit and keep my husband happy… I just need a break!

7. Calling

This is about my subconsciousness humouring and taunting me… and how I never let it be known. I suffered with depression and anxiety for around 12 years before I made huge changes in my life. I still have the odd bout but I take it all in my stride. I dealt with it alone, I conquered it alone and every time It comes back, I’m reminded it’s down to me to see it off.

8. I’ve Been on Fire

This is about my career in music so far, from a rap crew I used to be in, to the duo and now being solo. It’s been tough and every time the passion is ignited, it gets extinguished a little earlier than I would have liked, but I’ve made it this far now so…

9. Rising

This is kind of a statement to the guardians of the gate in certain trends and niches. They see me ‘Rising’ and they try to pay no attention, but I know they’re watching, I know they see me, I know watching me succeed without them pisses them off.

Words by Leddie MC
Edited by Johnathan Ramsay

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