Living Two Lives | Kamakaze AKA Matt Robinson Interview​

For the first 11 years of my life, like most boys, I always dreamt about being a professional footballer, and even now I find myself daydreaming about performing on stage. For me, and for most people, these dreams will always be just that – dreams. But, for Matt Robinson these dreams are his reality – running box to box for Dagenham & Redbridge through the day, then shutting down grime shows as his rap alter-ego Kamakaze during the night.

After seeing Kam at World Headquarters Newcastle back in July, I was eager to chat with the Leicester native to find out how he balances these two very demanding ‘dream’ occupations. I didn’t catch him at the show, but I did catch him a few months later after Dagenham & Redbridge came to Gateshead.

Kamakaze/Matt Robinson

Despite losing on the day, Matt took the time to talk to me pitch side, giving me an insight into what it’s like to be a professional footballer and successful grime emcee…

Words and Interview by Johnathan Ramsay


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