Track of the Week: “AOTY Freestyle” – Shakk

Kicking off our brand new ‘Track of the Week’ feature for 2019, replacing ‘Artist of the Week’, is fittingly our fan-voted artist of the year Shakk. “AOTY Freestyle” sees Shakk celebrate his ‘Artist of the Year title, whilst reflecting on a year filled with equal parts setback and success. Despite all the hurdles Shakk had to overcome in 2018, this freestyle shows that he’s still got his eyes firmly focused on becoming the best he can be musically and otherwise.

Here are the official lyrics from the man himself:

Got so much doubts will I win again then again when I’m down I will grin again, I still offend I’m killing trends will it end, silly men acting like a kid again. Imma shake those spears like I’m William erasing my fears while I’m saving civilians, so many die while they’re making the billions with one hope that’s that they’ll live again. Slow it down or speed it up at the speed of light, beaming feel the love uhhh D.M.T or Ayahuasca, look ’cause we are the drugs uhhh, so I’ve got no time for these shitty sends one diss track doesn’t make you witty men, I do it for the citizens, I sin they wont sin again I’m more than a silly friend.

We remain in the same old construct, can you feel my pain when you got stuck when you enter my lane, there’s no potluck chained with a rage ya centre stage locked up got up put the pen to page, demonstrate the better ways to elevate the end of days flow is power watch it generate a generation set ablaze a rebel base my mind is stronger than its ever been. My conscious beams in forever streams what I’ve never seen I’ll let it be this energy would heal and enemy I float with unknown matter got the data to make the sun go splatter. Uhhh I roam and gun those badder stop debating, I’ve got the utmost gratitude choose your range before you lose your aim, went through the pain for gain not for jewels and chains, you do what the computer says you’re a fool for fame, no music brains, your crews insane, I don’t wanna mix with dip shits. I think big, I don’t wanna diss you dim pricks, I don’t wanna list the thick things you big dings, I just wanna give and live rich respectfully severe rappers every day incredibly elevating, never hate remember me celebrating at my grave I’ll be the greatest that you never saved. Flashback to all the raps I slayed, crash land on all the paths I paved, keep drinking from the fountain that I made, keep shouting from the mountains that I raised.

THAT’S LIFE! Damn right I’ll live this one to the fullest, big shout to the ones that kept me covered this mouth will get me smothered in bullets ’cause, I spit them facts you and your gang get back get slapped, this bigger than a bando flat, this is bigger than ya man and ya panto plans this is Django Capitan Rambo raps. I wanna be the best in the country but nothing left of the country, but tell me what’s left of the world the rest of this earth is a mess ’cause of dumb greed, gotta live slow but I love speed yeah I’ve been broke, I’m hungry staring out the window whispers in the the wind blow I’ll fight to my death, till I succeed.

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