Track of the Week: “North Face Weather” – Eyeconic

This week’s TOTW comes from Teesside’s Polish prodigy Eyeconic, with his latest single “North Face Weather”. It’s no secret to anyone that knows him that Eyeconic loves rocking his red North Face puffer jacket to combat the cold Boro nights, but thankfully this track goes deeper than rapping about clothes.

eyeconic north face rapper

Short and sweet at just over 2 minutes long, “North Face Weather” kicks off with a sample of Eyeconic’s friend suggesting that “in the winter you really start appreciating the small things in life – being warm and being asleep.” The floaty synth beat then fades its way in for Eyeconic’s first verse; with the production really creating a chilled, wavy vibe – the chill comes literally at the end of the song via a sample of some strong winter winds.


Eyeconic won't be long

Now becoming a staple of Eyeconic’s style, his flow is melodic throughout, he almost segues from light rapping into singing at the end of each line. “I just flow, I don’t rewrite” Eyeconic states early on, a fact that’s obvious on this track with the lyrical content moving from candid insights into past relationships, to “taking a dude’s bitch” levels of flexing, ego death and not being ready to die yet.

This winter chill has Eyeconic’s head going all over the place, but s**t, it makes for an interesting listen – it’s impressive that he’s managed to fit so many topics into such a short track. Eyeconic preaches on the hook that he’s “got love to give, even if you don’t want it or don’t need it.” A touching sentiment, that anyone who’s ever felt rejection will relate to.

Overall this track is an absolute vibe start to finish, with some lyrical gems of insight to collect along the way – from Eyeconic, we wouldn’t expect anything less.



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