Track of the Week: “Mickey and Mallory” – Freddy

Durham’s yellow faced rap misfit Freddy shows his softer side on new single “Mickey and Mallory”.

The third new track Freddy has dropped in 2019, “Mickey and Mallory” (referencing the serial killer couple from Tarantino’s 1994 cult classic ‘Natural Born Killers’) is the closest you’re going to get to a traditional love song from the eccentric rapper. “I wanted to upload this on my birthday because she is the best gift I’ve ever gotten in life… <3” the Soundcloud track description reads, an obvious tribute to his girlfriend. Despite a laid back acoustic guitar-led beat, Freddy still goes hard on the verse; spitting double time about the love he has for his significant other. We’re sure Freddy won’t mind us saying his rapping ability is far superior to his singing ability. However, his amateurish vocals on the hook make the song that much more personable and heartfelt, fitting the classic love song brief.

Freddy is 100% one to watch in 2019. He’s constantly teasing ‘big moves’ on Instagram, let’s hope those payoff and elevate the warpainted maverick to the next level. 



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