Track of the Week: “Billz 2 Pay” – Reali-T

Taken from his winter 2018 mixtape ‘Life Bars…Fam’, with the music video dropping last week, Reali-T’s ode to financial frustrations “Billz 2 Pay” is our #TOTW.

Despite The Hip-Hop Hangover Podcast going quiet since 2018 – sorry guys, we’ll make a comeback in the near future – our controversial co-host Reali-T has kept himself busy in front of mics in the past few months; dropping his ridiculously under-rated ‘Life Bars…Fam’ late last year, continuing to perform at shows across the region and lining up a slew of others for 2019 (check out his Facebook page for live dates).

At a snappy 1:55, Ya Boy From Hackney wastes no time on the repeat-button worthy “Billz 2 Pay” – a stellar opening cut that virtually encapsulates what ‘Life Bars… Fam’ is all about in one bite-sized song. Spoiler, the mixtape does exactly what it says on the tin… it’s about everyday life… fam! Making the mundane melodic, Reali-T is on absolute top form across the 18 tracks – his signature witty punchlines and comedic timing shining bright as ever.

He’s not from round here wor kid, but he’s STILL one of the best in the North East. ‘Life Bars…Fam’ more than solidifies that fact. Find the “Billz 2 Pay” music video on Reali-T’s Facebook page now!



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