Track of the Week: “Tormenta” – RuMaz

The brainchild of two of the North East’s most established hip-hop artists, 90BRO and Max Gavins, RuMaz are rejecting stagnant formulas with their dynamic new sound.

The duo created a buzz in 2018 with a number of live performances that exposed fans to their fresh, forward-thinking sound. Their first official single “IANAN (FreeMan)”, released in October, confirmed the hype – Max and 90 in the studio was clearly a recipe for magic. We caught up with 90BRO to put some RuMaz to rest after the release of their sublime second single “Tormenta”.

Rumaz up 7

Tell me about “Tormenta” first of all, what does the track mean to you and how did it come together?

Tormenta (Spanish for storm) came from an epic series of studio sessions with E-Mence and Max, coming off the back of our ‘Obscene’ events. It means the world to my 10 year old self. It’s a taste of what we’ve been working towards for the past two years and a fitting prologue of what’s to come.

You’ve been in London for a while recently, are you back in the NE for good now?

I’m currently living in London, trying to create more opportunities down south and bridge the gap as much as I can. I’m still involved with North East promoters putting up and coming artists names forward, coming up for general creative endeavours, (recently shooting visuals for YungHydro’s upcoming release ‘This is Teesside’) as well as events. It’s great to see Born Lippy is going from strength to strength. You can catch me performing poetry in Newcastle, March 9th.

How different is the style/sound of RuMaz vs the style/sound of your solo work?

My solo work over the years has been wildly experimental. My early n.e. mixtapes rarely had hooks and jumped wildly with bridges, samples, soundbites and beat switches. I built my reputation on my collaborative work which is where I’ve always thrived and working with Max Gavins is a natural progression.

Our lyrical style is unapologetically northern, at times doubling down on the slang. We’re on the same page in terms of pushing the envelope. We know the way people consume music has changed and like “IANAN” we can make 2 minute bangers with replay value that a live crowd can enjoy.

Finally, what do you think you and Max each bring to the table when you’re making music together?

Max Gavins is the architect of the RuMaz Sound. His production is often audacious and very eclectic. He also an excellent songwriter. He has a wealth of experience and yet he’s hungrier now than ever and you can feel it in his live performances. I’m bringing my A Game content wise. I don’t see the point in making our version of what everyone else is doing. Together we’re serving up distinctive and seminal North East rap music.



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