Track of the Week: “Everybody Knows” – NE Dons

Newcastle grime duo NE Dons drop their first single of 2019 “Everybody Knows”, leading up to the release of their second EP.

NE-O and Castle burst onto the scene in 2018 with the release of their debut EP ‘NANG’, a project filled with hard-hitting singles like “Pick n Mix”, “0191” and of course “NANG”. The lads quickly gained acclaim for their clean, purist take on the gritty underground genre that is North East grime. The duo have speed, aggression and bars, but they’ve also got a clear delivery, smooth flows and, most importantly, the ability to make songs – not just raps.

“Everybody Knows” is just that, a song that has more replay value than your average underground grime tune.  The infectious hook provides the glue between two of the best verses NE-O and Castle have ever spit. Both rappers come with their most polished deliveries yet, taking a more measured approach than usual. NE Dons have found their limits, they’ve learnt to control their flows, to not sacrifice their delivery by straining for the want of speed.

“Everybody Knows” indicates that NE Dons are continuing to evolve and out do their personal bests – their second EP could be the project to take the fast growing duo to the next level.



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