Track of the Week: “Madonna” – J SMXRK

Having kept a keen eye on J Smxrk’s music after hearing his debut mixtape ‘Where Do We Go’ back in 2016, listening to his brand new EP ‘Devil’s Doorway’ I was blown away considering the progress he’s made in the last three years. This six-track project marks a turning point in J’s career. It’s the slickest, most cohesive work of his to date and more importantly, it’s the most authentic work J has produced so far.

Speaking to me in March for NARC. Magazine, J explained that he felt he was evolving as an artist and that this new project reflected his true self like nothing else before.
“I wanted a new start, my old stuff just didn’t sit right. Not that the music I made back in 2016 wasn’t me, it just wasn’t entirely me. I was so used to sticking to boundaries and guidelines, trying to achieve an aesthetic or making music thinking about what would work for radio or work for listeners. Since taking away all of that stuff, and just letting it be free to an extent I feel my music is much more colourful now, much closer to who I am as a person…” read the full interview here.

“Madonna” is my favourite cut, but be sure to listen to ‘Devil’s Doorway’ in full

Johnathan Ramsay



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