Track of the Week: “I’ll Be There” – Leddie MC

Listen To “I’ll Be There” By Leddie MC here

Arguably the most lyrically-minded hip-hop artist in the North East right now, Leddie MC  again shows her poetic prowess on heartwarming new single “I’ll Be There”.


Released in celebration of Leddie’s niece’s 2nd birthday, the track is written as a message directly to her, filled with words of pride and protection. Aunt Leddie uses the five-minute track as a vessel for her advice and wisdom, “It’s ok to be sad, never be ashamed of depression. Always aim to win, it never really pays to be second” Leddie raps with an unmatched passion.

This deeply personal track comes straight from the heart, intended for one listener only but thankfully released for all of us to enjoy!



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