Track of the Week: “Vacant” – NRTHGØDS




North East collective NRTHGØDS are still finding their feet, learning each other’s sonic strengths and weaknesses. The group’s latest single, by Ronin Clan‘s Shoshin Noel and last week’s TOTW maker KV$HNOODLE, is a product of their early studio sessions. “Vacant” sees Noel and Noodle go back to back on two genre blending verses that see them rapping, signing and screaming over a wavy beat.

The track starts with Noel addressing his time away from music due to illness and his comeback, before hitting the beat hard with aggressive bars and rounding out the verse singing “I don’t know if I’ll ever be me again”. Noodle comes in just as hard, adding a bit of screaming into his verse for that extra trap-metal edge, before closing the track with smooth vocals.

Both of the NRTHGØDS boys bring their A-game on this track, with the addition of a catchy hook “Vacant” could be the single that gets the fledgeling group noticed!



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