Tracks of the Week: Freddy, Kv$hnoodle

Two very different styles with two very different messages share this week’s TOTW. Durham rapper Freddy takes a damning look at bleak Britain, whilst Newton Aycliffe’s Kv$hnoodle relishes the opportunity to get fucked up in the rare summer sunshine.

Freddy – “GREAT” Britain

“I had the idea [for the track] for a while and was kind of just holding onto it,” Freddy told RIDE. “But then the local news of the attack turned murder outside Eldon Square just really upset me, and I thought I would let people know how I felt about our “great” country. And also I’ve always been really inspired by conscious lyrics, I think the deep root of hip hop has always been planted in the artist’s surroundings and should reflect that, which we don’t see enough of today. I have a lot of fun with my heavier stuff and do plenty bragging, so sometimes it’s about stripping back and writing poetry that people can really relate to.”

Freddy is playing Lindisfarne Festival, at Beal Farm, this weekend – get your tickets now!

Kv$hnoodle – Juice

“It’s just a vibe really, it was a super sunny day and the sun was shining in through the window of the studio – and I’ve been listening to a lot of Yung Gravy recently,” Kv$h told RIDE. “I just looked out at the sun and thought I want to make a song that reflects how I feel right now, and for the first time in a while I been feeling happier than usual. So, I made the beat and caught the vibe and I really like the idea of calling alcohol juice; I was sipping beers while making the tune and that first line of the hook came to me!

The whole thing is like a representation of a sunny day feeling better than usual but also at the back of my mind understanding where I could be going wrong in life. ‘I stay inside all alone, I’m a recluse’ but I’m kinda happy about it but I know deep down I can’t be alone forever.”



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