Track of the Week: “Livid” – RoninClan

When RoninClan first started turning heads back in early 2018 they just about snapped our necks. They sounded, looked and just felt different than anything else coming out of the region at the time and RIDE quickly set-up the trio’s first ever interview. Since then the Ronin boys have kept evolving and arguably had a massive impact on the amount of metal-influence rap music coming out of the North East – take a look at their NRTHGØDS collective for example. They’ve even found the time to create clothing brands and well-received solo projects whilst still grafting with the original vision.  Those that thought their sound was just a flash in the pan trend have been proven wrong, as the hype around Ronin is still as strong as ever.

Their latest single “Livid” includes, in a nutshell, all that makes the trio special. Their ever-present sense of humour is there with the “get off the metro NOW!” sample, the lyrics are venomously hard-hitting, and the rapping meets screaming vocals create a perfect melodic storm of aggression. There is one issue though, IT’S TOO SHORT! 1 minute 44 seconds isn’t enough Ronin! We want more NOWWWWW!




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