Tracks of the Week: Just B, KV$HNOODLE, Levi Watson & Levi Lee

Newcastle, Hartlepool and Newton Aycliffe artists dropped some of the most potent and emotional tracks of the year so-far last week. Check out these three very different but equally hard hitting cuts below.

Just B – “You Make Me Feel so Good”

A follow up to his first hugely popular makina meets grime video on Facebook (later released as “Halloween”), “You Make Me Feel so Good” is another Just B banger. Having already clocked upwards of 20k views on Facebook, “You Make Me Feel so Good” threatens to blow the previous video’s 80k out of the water! Absolute fire once again from B, keep an eye on those views sky-rocketing!

KV$HNOODLE – “expression”

This piano and vocal only track from Newton Aycliffe’s KV$HNOODLE is as raw and emotional as it gets. An artist that’s very open about struggles with mental health in his music and on social media, KV$H has put those struggles to music with complete transparency on “expression”. “I just wanna feel better,” KV$H repeats on this most heartbreaking of tracks. “expression” is without doubt a very personal track, yet what KV$H describes will be a feeling familiar to many.

Levi Watson & Levi Lee – “My Brother”

A Shutter Productions exclusive, “My Brother” sees two of Hartlepool’s best up and coming rappers (and friends) go back to back on this emotional cut. Levi Watson & Levi Lee are two artists bubbling with potential, when they get a chance to get behind the mic it’s always special. “My Brother” might be one of our favourite tracks from either of the Levi’s to-date.



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