Track of the Week: “Mpath” – Eyeconic

Already racking up thousands of streams, “Mpath” is one of the strongest releases to-date from Teesside based artist Eyeconic. Since coming up on grime in 2017 with energy-filled bangers like “Spit One Lyric” and “Lewandowski”, Eyeconic has been hell-bent on breaking out of boxes and experimenting with any genre he’s feeling in 2019.

“Mpath” taps into Eyeconic’s grunge influences with a simplistic yet atmospheric guitar riff that provides the backbone of the track. The verses are filled with melancholic self-exploration, punctuated by dark trap hi-hats and cavernous drum kicks. Eyeconic’s range shines through on the hook, as he sings “I feel your pain, do you feel mine? / I’ll heal your pain, can you heal mine?” with a raspy, Cobain-esque cadence.

Grunge meets dark trap on this ambitious cut from Eyeconic, “Mpath” only further proves that the Teesside spitter isn’t willing to let himself be boxed into one genre.



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