Track of the Week: “BROKEN” – KV$HNOODLE

The words “KV$HNOODLE – BROKEN” paired with an edgy looking video means you’re about to hear some of that raw emo-trap s**t right? 10 seconds in… and… this isn’t… that’s a drill beat… and… he’s f**king killing it!

KV$HNOODLE has started 2020 by breaking our assumptions about the type of music he makes, pushing himself outside of his comfort zone whilst not losing the characteristics that made us fall in love with his music in the first place. “BROKEN” sees KV$H flow with ease over what is a pretty mainstream sounding, ‘M1 On The Beat’ type, UK drill beat. It’s dark, it’s atmospheric and it hits hard – so, pretty similar to a lot of his music, making it not so surprising that he’s been attracted to the sound.

Don’t expect ‘drill bars’ from KV$H though. He’s kept true to himself lyrically, ignoring the temptation to dive into drill clichés, instead opting to call out fake rappers that brag about money and cars they don’t have. “Sub-par bars and a blacked out car doesn’t make you hard it makes you stupid.”

KV$H has came out of the gates shooting in 2020, “BROKEN” turning what you thought you knew about his music on its head with finesse!

Words: Johno Ramsay // Photo: Jordan M Paterson