Track of the Week: “Sober Up” – Eyeconic

Eyeconic’s latest single ‘Sober Up’ sees the adopted-Teessider take a different direction from his recent grunge meets hip-hop vibe, opting for a more relaxed lounge R&B sound – and it’s a thing of beauty.

Far away from his ‘Spit One Lyric’ grime roots, ‘Sober Up’ makes you want to slowly bop your head whilst solemnly swigging whiskey and overthinking what you said to that girl last night. That Drake ‘Take Care’ vibe. A little bit of self pity and a slow press of the self-destruction button.

Here’s what Eyeconic had to say about the track: “Sober Up has experienced 2 transformations. When it was first created it involved an acoustic guitar, a minimal trap-style percussion and some 808 bass. The song was recorded and left behind for about 2 years until I came across the instrumental it’s currently on. I wrote the first verse and the first part of the second verse to Sober Up 2 years ago; I don’t remember why but I remember both of these parts to be inspired by Xxxtentacion’s “revenge” lyrics (I’ve dug two graves for us my dear).

The chorus was written as a rebuttal to everyone that used to tell me that I had issues and that I needed calm down (they were completely right), I wanted to express my self awareness of these problems but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop.”

‘Sober Up’ is Eyeconic at his best, the melancholic slow hip-hop vibe works for radio, the club or when you’re in your feelings at 1am. It’s a rare all-rounder – just like Eyeconic.